Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is the first promotion allowed to hold a legal, sanctioned, and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. Based in Philadelphia, and headed by President and former professional boxer David Feldman, BKFC is dedicated to preserving the historical legacy of bare knuckle fighting, while utilizing a specifically created rule set which emphasizes fighter safety. BKFC will hold all of its bouts in a revolutionary circular four-rope ring, designed to encourage fast-paced and exciting bouts. The patented BKFC “Squared Circle” contains scratch lines, based on the Broughton Rules which governed bare knuckle fighting in the 19th century, and which requires fighters to “Toe the Line”: start every round face to face, and just inches apart.

In BKFC, only those fighters who are established professionals in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, or Muay Thai will be allowed to compete. The referees and judges will also be required to have extensive professional combat sports experience. All fights will be held under the auspices and control of an Athletic Commission which is a full member in good standing of the ABC (Association and Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports). Unlike other fighting organizations and combat sports internationally which claim to be “bare knuckle”, but require wraps, tape, and gauze; BKFC is true to its word as fighters are not allowed to wrap their hands to within one-inch of the knuckle. This makes BKFC unquestionably the truest form of bare knuckle fighting. BKFC is dedicated to not just creating the safest, most exciting, and highest level bare knuckle fighting organization in the world, it’s also leading the way for a new fully recognized professional combat sport. BKFC is truly the sport of the future, which fully respects it’s remarkable past.

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Fomo Lab

Fomo Lab is a full suite DeFi NFT platform, management company & creation studio. We are experts at bringing blockchain projects to life and bringing blockchain as a service at scale.

Fomo Lab is the most exclusive NFT management agency and marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. We are at the very edge of the NFT trend and we are committed to building an integral infrastructure to support the NFT ecosystem as a whole and the Fomo Lab Project.

All our NFT releases are curated and vetted by well-known musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, artists, digital creatives, and world renowned influential figures. This creates true intrinsic value within each project we release.

The Fomolab ecosystem will consist of several products including the Avenue NFT Marketplace, FomoLaunch, an IDO Launch platform, an NFT wallet for viewing your NFTs and our NFT focused staking pool.

The first partnership announced by Fomo Lab as seen on Forbes was the lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury. Following partnership included sponsoring and becoming exclusive NFT partners with Miami Crypto EXP. Auctions for Miami Crypto EXP include the first ever Porsche to be auctioned on the blockchain, signed by Rick Ross and other art pieces by leading NFT creators such as Ali Spagnola who's previous work has sold for over $500,000.

Other collaborations include world leading music producer Pvlace who has accolades including numerous platinum records, No. 1 Billboard and album charts. The drop sold out in 2 hours.

Future collaborations include NFT series with FEG and many more yet to be announced.

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July 23

Paige Vanzant will face Rachael Ostovich in the main event at BKFC 19 on Friday, July 23rd from the Florida Sate Fairgrounds in beautiful Tampa, Florida.